Turning Two / Northwest Ohio Children's Photographer {Fremont, Ohio}

March 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

One of my favorite things about photographing families is having a front row seat as my clients and their families grow!  I am blessed to share in many special moments and it is a perk to being a photographer I do not take lightly.  I have been photographing "Miss D" since her very beginning and was one of the first to know her Mama was expecting.  


From early on "Miss D" has always marched to the beat of her own drum and she demonstrated as such during her second birthday session.  Two years old equals toddler.  Let's talk toddlers!  Some photographers shy away from photographing toddlers.  As for me?  I LOVE them!  Maybe it is the mama of 5 in me, but toddlers do not intimidate this gal ;)  When it comes to photographing toddlers my approach is to take the good with the bad.  Embrace the serious stares as much as you do silly laughter.  Don't forget to wear your tennis shoes, because more often than not toddler sessions include being on the run and playing silly games!


On any given day your toddler throws a wide variety of looks your way.  As parents you are delighted in their giggles, often frustrated with their "out of nowhere" tantrum, and intrigued at their small faces of wonder as they learn about this big, big, BIG world.  As a photographer, I love being able to photograph the unpredictable toddler in front of my camera.  I enjoy being able to share with families a gallery full of images that range from apprehensive, shy stares to sweet smiles that come from talking about their favorite semi (as was the case during "Miss D's" portrait session).  


Enjoy some of my favorite images from my time with this brand new two year old....




A special thank you to the Miller family for continuing to trust me with your family's milestones!  I am fortunate to call you not only clients, but friends <3  It is always a pleasure seeing your family grow and change in front of my camera!


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